Zeta Alpha enjoys a long tradition at Wellesley College. Founded in 1876 for the purpose of maintaining and pursuing literary, intellectual, and cultural interests, Zeta Alpha has played an important role in the lives of Wellesley College students for more than 130 years.

      In its early days, Zeta Alpha's primary role was to provide a forum for members to discuss literature and critical essays. Over the years, we have remained true to our literary tradition, while incorporating more social events, many of which are open to the entire Wellesley community. Zeta Alpha hosts various literary events, such as poetry readings and book-signings throughout the year. These events foster friendship and promote an exchange of ideas.

      Zeta Alpha brings its members together not only in an academic environment but also in a social one. Each year the society hosts 2 campus wide parties that celebrate our applicants in the Spring and Fall semesters. In addition, Zeta Alpha gives back to the Wellesley and Boston-area communities by participating in many philanthropic activities over the course of the year, such as Relay for Life and Walk for Lupus.

How to apply:

      At the beginning of the semester Zeta Alpha holds an Open House. We encourage anyone to attend our Open House in order to see if Zeta Alpha is right for them. If one decides to apply to Zeta Alpha, they must attend 2 out of 3 teas during our semester Tea Season. One must at least be a second semester first year to apply. Specific times and dates of our teas are released at the beginning of each semester and can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Hope to see you at some of our teas!

Zeta Alpha Officers

Maggie Hughes and Suzanne Wang

Vice President:
Olivia Moeller

Catherine Digennaro

Literary Chairs:
Dalila Stanfield, Katherine Gao and Diana Cruz

Siblinghood Chairs:
Julia Jung and Akilah Chatman

House Chairs:
Deb Rowcroft and Katherine Gao

Alumnae Chairs:
Dalila Stanfield and Alberta Born-Weiss

Social Chairs:
Catherine Digennaro and Soumaya Difallah

Merchandise Chair:
Isabelle Nettere

Web Chair:
Kendall You Mak

Sophie Wang

Community Service Chair:
Soumaya Difallah

Tea Chairs:
Abeer Dhanani, Sama Mundlay, Sophie Wang, and Zoe Borghard

Formal Chair:
Dominique Copeland

Publicity Chair:
Katie White

True Blue Chairs:
Lauren Santo Domingo and Katie White

Librarian Chair:
Sydney Tischler

Social Justice Chairs:
Sydney Tischler and Withney Barthelemy

Maggie Hughes