Save our House!

     For decades our Little White House has been a safe haven for the members of Society Zeta Alpha. It is home to our ever expanding library and the location of our literary events. The house is an integral part of membership in our society. It holds beautiful memories for members past and present and has served as our gathering space for public events, meetings, and late night studying sessions among sisters. The rich history of our club is represented not just by the books on our shelves, but by the diverse individuals who have found a family within the halls of our house.

     Unfortunately, our beloved Little White House on Tupelo Lane has not fared well in the last several years of harsh New England winters and has reached a point where extensive structural work is necessary in order to salvage and restore the House. After observing the house's deteriorating condition, the College recently commissioned a structural engineering firm to evaluate the House, and the estimated cost of the work is approximately $250,000. It is our hope that all members of ZA, past, present, and future, will be able to create memories and everlasting friendships in our house on Tupelo Lane. However, in order to make this a reality we need your assistance.

     The Alumnae Board and the College have developed a phased rehibilitation plan for the house. The phases are:

1. Foundation: Rebuild cracked stone foundation - $37K
- Completed
2. Siding/Trim: Replace rotting wooden siding with weather-resistant composite - $117K
- In-progress
3. Roof: Replace leaking roof - $54K
4. Terrace: Rebuild West terrace - $40K

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Alumnae Board Officers

Kate Grearson McKenney 2001 Co-chair
Lisa Basile Premerlani 2001 Co-chair
Isa Gell-Levey 2013 Secretary
Belinda Dela Cruz 2001 Treasurer
Meaghan Maher 2012 Fundraising Chair
Julia Jaffe 2013 Young Alumnae Liaison
Leigh Nordstrom 2014 Membership Chair
Lainey Yang 2007 Member At Large
Samantha Keefe 2009 Member At Large
Emilie Futterman 2012 Member At Large

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